server (hosting)
keeping the domain
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hosting (server)
domain name included in the price
preparing logo
technical assistance
several phrases SEO
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dedicated server
domain name included in the price
high rank in Google
multifunctional online shop
AdWords advertising on Google
Possibility of SEO of several phrases in Google
Preparation and care for the development of AdWords campaigns
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COMPETENCE - Our employees have many years of experience gained while working for large companies and corporations.
ATTRACTIVE PRICE - One of the lowest prices on the market for individual graphic design!!
SUPPORT - Full technical support provided 7 days a week.
CONVENIENCE - Intuitive to use panel for website administration.
SAFETY - Content protection - we care about the security of your data - back-up copies
STABLE WEBHOSTING - We have our own secure servers
MOBILITY - Availability of the website on all devices (computer, laptop, tablet, phone)
FLEXIBILITY - We adapt to your individual needs
PROMPTNESS - you wait 2 working days for the design of your website.
GOOGLE SEO - we help to promote your offer

Beginner entrepreneurs

Our services will help people who run one-man businesses. We will create a professional website or shop for you. We will take care of hosting and maintenance of the domain for you, design graphics (logo and visual identification), place the website in search engines in terms of search accuracy and integrate with Allegro, Ceneo and related e-commerce applications. We also offer the possibility of conducting AdWords campaigns.

Company in need of development

We direct our offer to people who are Freelancers starting their own business and looking for their own customer base. We will create a company logo for you, create a shop, maintain a server and domain for you, configure a website with the most popular e-commerce applications such as Allegro or Ceneo. We will also take care of long-term projects such as website positioning and AdWords campaigning.

Freelancer, looking for customers

Running a website requires time and commitment. Especially if you want it to be very popular. However, this does not mean, that people who do not know about web optimization cannot have their own domain. Our SEO specialists will take care of your website in every element; from the server and domain, through graphics and positioning in Google and advertising campaigns. Please apply and use one of our packages to give your website the right look and position in the search engine, and you’ll get many new customers.

Offices and institutions

Our offer is addressed to people who value professionalism, experience and a reliable approach to the project. We approach each customer individually, we offer flexible solutions, we also put a lot of importance on communication, we will carefully accept each of your attention to the project. We are based on many years of experience in the industry, we guarantee not only the execution of the order, but also the subsequent technical support available 7 days a week.

One-man companies

If your company has reached the wall and has a problem with further development, you have come to the right place. Thanks to our team, your company will receive solid support to move forward and increase profits. We will take care of professional online advertising of products and services, which will reach your customers through the most effective channels. We will verify your company’s website and optimize it so that your customers and business partners feel that they are important. We will improve your online shop and automate the sales process, because, efficiency and high quality is what counts in the e-commerce industry. Thanks to us you will receive professional service support and guarantee the highest standards of data security. The need to develop is a mother of innovation – implement it with us.

Private individuals

The public administration sector is a refuge of order and stability, so we provide you with IT services developed by experienced specialists. Thanks to us, every public institution will gain access to the most modern IT technologies, which will ensure the highest standards, e.g. in terms of data security (in accordance with RODO). We will design for you the official version of the website using subdued graphic solutions and a user-friendly interface for the user and administrator. In addition, we recommend using a dedicated server (hosting) and domain. We will take care of a high position in search engines. In crisis situations we provide you with all-week technical support. Public institutions should be a priority for the IT sector, because as a society we have the right to be served by modern administration.

It’s easy! Take 3 steps to order your new website.
It’s easy! Take 3 steps to order your new website.
Why is it worth to order a website from us?
Why is it worth to order a website from us?
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Are the websites ready for mobile devices?
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